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Top Romantic Escapes Honeymoon Destination in US

Apr 24, 2014

Romantic Escapes

Each person’s concept of romantic escapes will not be the same. Finding honeymoon destination in US as your romantic escapes should depend on what value you want to get from the place. For some couple, their romantic escapes are to spend the days of their honeymoon in luxurious hotels with all the indulgence services like spa, whirlpool or beach view. For some others, their romantic escapes can be seen historical sites and taking photographs together infamous landmarks or having an adventure and challenges together. Now you might want to find the best honeymoon destinations in the US that both of you and your partner love.

Beach for Summer Honeymoon Destination in US


aerial view of heart-shaped island

If you both like the feel of summer but want to avoid the crowd, some island in Hawaii offer the best beach honeymoon destination in the US. The always-famous Hawaii has some secluded beaches along with the luxury hotel to serve you and your partner. Part of Hawaii like the Maui will after you and your partner a beautiful beach view and exotic jungle. You can find some great hotels here are made for couples and will compromise to the idea of a honeymoon. The second is the Kauai; Kauai will offer you a more private beach than the Maui. This is the ultimate romantic getaway if you are looking for a beach that is quiet and beautiful for some secluded honeymoon destinations in the US. Not only the beach, Kauai also offers you with small hiking trip and see the sunset from the height of a cliff. It is not easy to find a honeymoon destination in the US in summer, but those islands will serve you the best.

Historical Honeymoon Destination in US

For the history lover couples, there are many historical sites throughout US that you both can visit. Going to the south of US and you can find authentic cities that still have historical houses and streets. Find yourself enjoying the southern living in Savannah or Charleston. The small shops and dining places that offers southern cuisines will give you and your partner a romantic yet private getaway. Amuse yourself by dressing in vintage clothes and take pictures on the historical sites. There are many historical honeymoon destinations in US as some of the state in the US still hold on to the historical value and architectural. The best thing if you visit southern cities is that most of them are close to the beach so you get extra view of sunset at the end of the day.
Description: Honeymoon destination in US to find romantic escapes are rather easy. Suit yourself with the best thing that you and your partner like by deciding what value that you want to get.


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